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PRESS RELEASE Date: 30/06/06 " From Road Trips to Roadshows "

An English man photographing American Football in the USA, Holland and Germany!Sounds a little bizarre! But not for Wayne Paulo who is the league photographer for the NFL Europe.He has just finished his football season a 4 month stint that started back in January with one of the worlds biggest sporting events the Super Bowl in Detroit, a road trip down to Florida for the NFLE training camp in Tampa followed, then back to his home base in England with further road trips commuting in and out of Germany and Holland for the last two months, “just an average couple of months” says wayne who has been taking pictures of the sport since 1984.”Now his season is over wayne is turning his hand to a new venture, with his 25 years of experience and all the travelling, Wayne has amassed a comprehensive travel library and considerable knowledge on the subject, now he wants to share that knowledge with the public at large “everyone has a camera these days, and they all take snaps on holiday, but they often fail for the simplest of reasons, I am going to do an entertaining roadshow presentation, with a movie, music, a personal presentation of my work and in my view what will make your pics look better, “ says Wayne. How did he get the idea, well 6 months ago he launched a new web site “” to create a hub of learning on photographing for everyone, anyone and everyone can learn from it or even contribute to, that is if they don't mind a little critique on their work from Wayne, there is no charge and people are invited to send in their photos, anyway little did he know then that the promotional C2 car he used to help launch his site, which was in fact a mini mobile exhibition covered with over 40 quality pictures on it, would create so much interest “when I started photography I never thought my work would turn heads in the street, it's great, I didn't expect it would happen in my home town of Blackpool never mind the other side of Europe in Berlin, but it does and it's amazing”. Wayne admits it was never supposed to travel that far, his season was early this year because of the World Cup in Germany, the Frankfurt Galaxy, Berlin Thunder and Hamburg Sea-Devils play at the same stadiums,“ it all seem to happen very fast I couldn't decide on a new car so I thought the little C2 could manage a short trip to Amsterdam, well it did with amazing interest, so much so I decided to take it again the following week to Dusseldorf, heads kept turning and before you knew it I had been to Hamburg and Cologne, then it just seemed right to take it to Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, Fussion, Parmisens and finishing back up in Frankfurt, even the Customs Officers at the ferry were congratulating him on his work! Wayne comments “the whole concept of the web site, the car and my approach to simple photography, has created so much interest, live presentations, I guess was a natural progression and already I have been asked to create a touring show for one of England's top retailers, so look out for On Tour” Wayne is not going to stop there he wants to continue with his free knowledge and Entertainment for the public and is looking for further potential sponsors, perhaps a Travel or Camera related company!
Anyone interested should send Wayne an email

Wayne with Mick Jagger picture
taken at the NFL Super Bowl
and Icicles taken on his road trip
Detroit to Florida over the Smokey Mountains on his way to NFL Europe!
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driving past the Brandenburg gate in Berlin in his Citroen C2 on the way to an NFL Europe game at the Olympic Stadium.
Photograph courtesy of Estelle.

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